Frequently Asked Questions

What mouthpiece is the best seller in the US?


The MCK1 is the mouthpiece we sell the most. Due to it's small tip opening, it suits many players here in the States. It has a tip opening of 1.03mm and a facing length of 18.0mm. The LD1 and JP5 are also very popular.

Generally, models, which are available in Heaven are purchased much more frequently than their traditional black counterparts.



Where can I get one?


Our bestsellers are available right here on our website. They are also available at some dealers around the country and on Ebay. If you can't find the model you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us!



I play a Vandoren B45. What ESM should I try?


Most similar in sizing are the JP7(1.18/16.5) and the RCR3 (1.19/17.5). However, the MCK1 and LD1 tend to suit players who play a B45 very well despite the remarkable difference in the tip opening.



I play a Vandoren M13 or M15. What ESM should I try?


Based on our experience - The MCK1. This is the closest in sizing and the one we recommend for players who are used to the M13 or M15.



What is the difference between the Heaven mouthpieces and the black ones?


Our heaven mouthpieces are made from a specialized acrylic compound with metal particles embedded in the material. Combined with the metal ring at the bottom, they have a quicker, easier response, a fuller sound, and more of an edge.

The black mouthpieces tend to sound a little more mellow. Which one is "better" really comes down to personal preference and the music the player prefers.



What is the difference between Jazz and Classic Saxophone Mouthpieces?


The Jazz mouthpieces have a baffle, while the Classic mouthpieces do not. This gives them the extra edge and more jazzy sound.



What mouthpieces are available as Heaven?


All Alto and Tenor Sax mouthpieces are available as Heaven EXCEPT the Classic Tenor line.

For clarinet, we currently offer the MCK1, JP5, JP6, JP7, and LD1 as Heaven.